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I keep fallin' off!

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Xmas Broadcast:: fair warning [Dec. 15th, 2008|09:47 pm]
I keep fallin' off!


Ho ho ho, the lady and I will be doing 5.5 hours of DJing on the 25. Tune in terrestrial if you're in the area, dig it on the web if you're not. 12:00-5:30pm EST (11-4:30pm CST), Thursday, December 25th.

Also the following day we will be doing the Funk Disco Dance Friday from 6-8pm EST (5-7pm CST). All funk, all hiphop, all dance music, all disco, all the time.

WXDU, Durham. 88.7 FM (2150 watts, broadcast from Duke University East Campus via a transmitter in Hillsborough).